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This year our cruise will focus on the Coast Guard during the First World War. On the 28th of January in 1915, President Woodrow Wilson signed the “Act to Create the Coast Guard,” merging the U.S. Life-Saving Service with the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service. The act formally designated the new “Coast Guard” as a military service. Though a military service, the Coast Guard was placed under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department. On April 6th 1917, the United States declared war on Germany and the Coast Guard was moved to the Department of the Navy. This unique situation presented many challenges for the fledgling service. Their duties at home and abroad during the war varied significantly. Ranging from providing landing parties to support powder seizures from the Germans, to continuing their life saving and coastal protection mission.

During the cruise, Jennifer Gaudio, Curator of the Coast Guard Museum, and Scott Epperson are speaking of the Coast Guard mission in New London in conjunction with the light houses in Long Island Sound. The lecture discusses the trials of the service members asked to serve during the war without the typical training given to military personnel. In a time of great need the Coast Guard stepped up and provided a crucial service to our country. The lectures will be given twice during the cruise allowing our guest multiple opportunities to listen.

Often our passengers enjoy the cruise from the outer decks, because the fall foliage is always spectacular during the event. We are also offering a craft workshop for kids, a wine tasting by Big Gary’s Wine & Spirits, a silent auction, and more. The Captain Daniel Packer Inne is providing light fare for the duration of the cruise.