[May 1730] Sund 31. Sacramt Day. Mr ad pr al day. Joseph Southmayd of Midle town & Abiah Douglass John Brooks & Sarah Lester pbullisht. Samll Leech & wife ownd ye Covnt & had their Child Baptizd Abigail.adams_sm1

Mr Adams probably didn’t preach ALL day. This was Joshua’s shorthand to record that Mr Adams preached at both the morning service and the afternoon service.  Mr. Eliphalet Adams was pastor of the Congregational Church in New London from 1709 until 1753 when he died. An offer was made in 1724 to make him president of Yale College but the town voted in the negative their willingness to let him go — he was a town employee as the pastor of the church. This image is from a painting attributed to the “Pierpont Limner” and is matched by a painting of his wife Lydia. The paintings date from early in his ministry, perhaps as early as 1720, and may be some of the earliest paintings created in New London. The pictures hang in the Shaw Mansion.

Being “published” meant that their intention to marry was made known to the church and community. These two couples being recorded by Joshua as having their vows published may provide a family history clue that appears nowhere else. Similarly, the fact that Samuel Leech and his wife “owned the covenant,” and had their daughter Abigail baptised that day could provide an important connection for a future descendant of the family.

Owning the covenant, was not the same as joining the church. It was a step below that level of commitment. Owning the covenant allowed your children to be baptised, but did not allow you to take communion.

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