The New London County Historical Society collects and preserves paintings, documents and artifacts which are tied to the history of New London County.  Our collection includes paintings by Ralph Earl, Correspondence of Benedict Arnold, Genealogical Records, John Mason’s Sword, and the Joshua Hempstead Diary just to name a few.   People interested in family history and  academic scholars visit our library weekly to research in our extensive records.

Manuscripts from our collection have been published by the NLCHS, as well as been used in other publications.  The collection provides the basis of lectures to the public, and programs for our schools.  Each year we host over 200 children who learn about Naturalism or colonial/victorian life.  And our collection continues to grow.  Documents and artifacts are donated weekly which only adds to the rich story which is New London County history.

 Funds from the annual appeal support all our efforts in preservation and education.  Only with donations can we continue to provide this service to our community.  A simple donation of ten dollars will sponsor 2 local student visits to the mansion for educational programing.

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New London County Historical Society

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