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2508, 2009

A Hurrycane

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[August 1713] Wedensd 19 Rainy. I workt on bord Capt Hutton all day. itt Rained a Little in ye day & att night a violent Storm of Rain & wind. Robt Millers wife died Last night. was buried to day. Thursd 20. A Storm or Hurrycane. I was about home & in town all day. A Hurrycane which blew down Several Building and fruit trees Such as hath not been known. It blasted or withered ye leaves & Like a frost though warm weather.

Hurricane is a word that originated in the Caribbean in the 16th century as Spaniard and Portuguese explorers adopted the Taino word for a violent storm. It came to English directly from the Spanish. With the many connections between New London and the Caribbean it should not be surprising to see Joshua Hempstead using it to describe a violent storm with rain and wind. But he uses it here almost tentatively, perhaps just learning it himself. A couple of years later he actually uses the word hurricane incorrectly, on 12 March 1714/15, describing a storm with high winds and snow. With our modern weather forecasting those of us who live near the east coast are well aware of huricane season from June through November.

I have […]

2408, 2009

Annual Meeting 13 September

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NLCHS Annual Meeting 2009
Sunday 13 August at Fort Trumbull Conference Center
90 Walbach Street, New London

4:30 Reception, 5:30 Business meeting, 6 pm Wortman Presentation
Tickets $20 for members, $25 for others
Call Shaw Mansion 860.443.1209 to make reservations

Books will be available for purchase
New London and the Beginning of the Naval Air Corps
Everyone “knows” the history of how the New London Navy Yard became a submarine base after it was established by acting Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt in 1916. But how many of you are aware of the beginning of the Naval Air Corps and its connection to New London at the same time period? It’s time you learned—and the NLCHS Annual Meeting, Sunday 13 September, at the Fort Trumbull Conference Center, will give you the perfect opportunity. Marc Wortman, author of The Millionaires’ Unit, will be sharing the almost unknown story of how the Yale University Flying Club became one of the first flight wings of the Navy. His presentation, from 6 pm to 7, will follow a cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres beginning at 4:30 and the annual business meeting. Call today 860.443.1209, to purchase tickets; members $20.

The Millionaires’ Unit is the story of a gilded generation of young men […]

2408, 2009

Last Home Game 30 August

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Sunday 30 August at Fort Trumbull
The Thames Base Ball club will host the Hartford Dark Blues for their last home game of the season on Sunday 30 August. The last two weekends saw a split match with the Bristol Blues in Bristol Rhode Island, and another split match (one win, one loss) with the Columbia Nine at Fort Trumbull.

Thames Base Ball Club 2009 Schedule
Sat 25 April v Bristol in NL
Sat 2 May v Newtown in NL
Sun 31 May v Waterbury in NL
Sun 7 June v Hartford away
Sat 13 June v Bridgeport in NL
Sat 20 June v Columbia away
Sun 12 July v Waterbury away
Sat 18 Jul v Newtown away
Sat 15 Aug v Bristol away
Sat 22 Aug v Columbia in NL
Sun 30 Aug v Hartford in NL
Sun 13 Sept v Bridgeport away

308, 2009

Introduction – New London’s State Street

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Commerce and Culture: Architecture and Society on New London’s State Street  was an exhibit on display at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum from October 2005 to April 2006. Mounted by guest curator, Abigail Van Slyck, Dayton Associate Professor of Architectural History at Connecticut College, she put the students of her architectural history senior seminar to work scouting out the best images from all the local repositories to tell the story of the cultural and social history of New London’s downtown core.  The exhibit used photographs, maps, and objects to show the evolution of New London and its people through the changes that took place on this one street – from the period of the founding, through the growth of wealth of a busy port and regional commercial center, and including the difficult attempts to revitalize the downtown after it was commercially deserted for suburban malls.

The exhibit garnered an award of merit from the Connecticut League of History Organizations, the Wilbur Cross Award from the Connecticut Humanities Council, and a Leadership in History Award from the American Association for State and Local History.

While this attempt to translate that formal exhibit to the internet loses some of the impact of mural size photographs, we hope that as you […]